Sports & E-Sports - Rules

  1. Bets are closed 5-15 minutes before a match starts to ensure a fair betting field for everyone as well as make up for potential last-minute start time changes by the tournament host. If the match is postponed for a short period of time, it is not guaranteed that bets will be opened again.
  2. Max betting limits vary match to match. They’re based on different factors, teams playing, match format, tournament, tournament stage and other external factors. We’re constantly trying to increase these limits!
  3. Matches that are cancelled, postponed, forfeited, suspended or weren’t fully played or a player retires, will be refunded. Keep in mind matches postponed for less than 24 hours may not be refunded.
  4. Esports matches played with last-minute roster changes (stand ins) will be refunded.
  5. Payouts are sent within 60 minutes after the match ends, if you do not receive your coins after this time, please contact us.
  6. If we do not offer the option to bet on the draw outcome (on a Best Of 2 CSGO match, for example) and the match ends in a draw, bets will be refunded.

    If we do offer the option to bet on the DRAW outcome, then that’s a different winning outcome with its own multiplier and it’s a valid outcome for that match, you can bet on it the same way you would bet on a team to win. If this match ends in a draw only those who bet on the DRAW outcome will win, everyone who bets on a team will lose.

    Matches that have the DRAW outcome available are bets for the regulatory time of the match, meaning any extra time or penalty shootout that is added due to it being a draw does not count for the bet (example: if a football match ends in a draw in 90’ and a team wins in penalty shootouts, the outcome of that bet is DRAW regardless of what happens in extra time or penalties).

    Note: Time added by the referee does count (this time is not related to the outcome of the match and is added due to the match being interrupted during play).

  7. Matches can be cancelled until bets are closed from your Account page, keep in mind you will only receive a portion of your original bet. Combo bets cannot be cancelled.
  8. If a match in a combo bet is cancelled, that match will be removed from the bet and the combo bet will go on normally with the rest of the match / matches. Note that if a match is removed, the multiplier that came with it is also removed from the bet. Example: if a match with 2.00 multiplier is cancelled, the multiplier of that combo bet overall will be divided by two.

    Note that the game will still show on your combo bet, but with multiplier 1.00 (does not affect the bet any longer).

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